In case you think we may not be as good as we say we are take a look at all of these fabulous comments from our customers.

"We chose Hope & Dreams at The Buchan initially because of the great facilities that are available. The staff were so friendly and informative and clearly have lots of enthusiasm their job and the children.
We always have a member of staff give us a briefing every day on what our daughter has been up to during the day. It's great to be able to see on a chart what was served for lunch and how much our daughter had eaten also. The tapestry emails are a fantastic way of seeing photos from music lessons, nature walks and craft making to name but a few!
We would thoroughly recommend this nursery to anybody looking for high standards, attention to detail and real quality childcare for their little ones."
Gina Horan, Colby

"I chose The Buchan Nursery as my son will be going to The Buchan School so I wanted continuity.
Teacher-led activities was also important to me. As we both work at KWC, the option to only put him in for KWC/Buchan term time was also important.
Your reputation is fantastic and I already knew existing Buchan Nursery parents.
It does make up for the higher cost (in comparison to other local nurseries). My son is quite a shy boy and was used to a childminder rather than a nursery, yet right from his very first session, he absolutely loved it. It's clear the staff know the children extremely well and he loves all of them. The variety of activities is excellent and he's so proud of what he's done every day. The addition of French to the curriculum is inspired - I never thought he would take to it so quickly and enjoy it so much."
Anya Morgans, Castletown

"We chose The Buchan Nursery after friends recommended it, and we have been very happy. The staff are great and always friendly. There are lots of activities and events to keep the children entertained. Our son particularly loves going out every week on Outdoor Explorers."
Lucy Kerr, Port Erin

"The dedication to each and every child is obvious , catering for everyone's needs, whilst being inclusive, is an obvious priority. A wonderful environment for any child. Thankyou."
Kate Gledhill, Ballabeg

"My child loves going to nursery and often I can't drag him away, this tells me it's a lovely place and makes me feel very at ease leaving him there.
He also learns things which I can see on Tapestry and the staff managed to get him to eat properly which has helped at home too. I will be sending our second child there too when he is old enough."
Sherrie Lennon, Colby

"I had researched a few nurserys within the area and liked the look and feel of The Buchan the most. Extremely organised, lots of activities, structured throughout the day, and experienced friendly staff.
The staff couldn't do enough to ensure that he enjoyed his day and was happy in his environment, this was reassuring for me and he now loves going to Nursery."
Creena Oates, Castletown

"My family moved to the Isle of Man from Australia this year and we needed a nursery that could be flexible with days and hours as we are 2 shift working parents and The Buchan Nursery offered all that and more.
Our 2 boys just love going to nursery from their first day, the staff were so amazing helping them to fit in and feel welcome. They have a smile on their face when we drop them off and it's still there when we pick them up.
Lisa and all the staff are so friendly and helpful and I never worry about my boys as I know how well they are taken care of. My boys have both flourished in such a short time and I couldn't be more thankful or happy."
Samantha Mackenzie, Foxdale

"I am extremely happy with my son's care at The Buchan Nursery. He's looked after in a caring, happy and fun environment where his learning is enhanced. The staff are all lovely.
I'd have no hesitation in recommending The Buchan Nursery"
Lucy Webster-Thompson, St Marks

"All we can say is thank you to the staff who are all an excellent testimonial to the pride they take in their work and how they really care for our children. They are helpful courteous and enthusiastic and are genuinely please to see your child when brought in of a morning. The information you get on how your child is doing will pleasantly surprise you as the amount is so much more than you could normally expect both verbally and email and regular photos too. our child is constantly excited to be 'going to school' and all played out and satisfactorily tired on collection."
Gary and Voirrey Christian, Castletown

"Having looked at other preschool options in the south of the island, we felt that The Buchan Nursery had the best balance between play and learning. The staff were friendly and approachable and great with the children. From the taster days we were able to get a real sense of how our child would fit in."
Nadine Roberts, Port St. Mary

"I could not have been happier with our choice of nursery. After only a few weeks my son has not been upset when we've been leaving him in the morning and both his sleeping and eating patterns at home suggest he is a very happy little boy.
The variety of activities he does is more than I could entertain him with and he is developing in both confidence and ability which I attribute in part to the quality of care he is receiving at The Buchan Nursey.
He is safe, cared for, has lots to play with and is being educated and I just couldn't want for more in a nursery.
His care is my main concern and I am 100% happy with what he receives at The Buchan Nursery."
Lara, Castletown

"Three of our our children have attended The Buchan Nursery and we have been delighted with our experience each time. It is so reassuring to know that your child is happy, safe and cared for by such lovely ladies at the start of their learning journey. They have all made such wonderful progress too."
Clare, Castletown

"I was recommended The Buchan Nursery by a family friend when looking for a nursery for my daughter. We had looked at a couple of others but the great location, friendly staff and facilities at The Buchan Nursery made it an easy choice when deciding where we would like our daughter to attend in order to start socialising with other children and developing key skills through play.
Gina Horan, Port Erin

"Sebastian loves The Buchan Nursery and all of his teachers.
The nursery provides hot meals, weekly trips out and daily activities all of which Sebastian loves and provide a productive and fun learning environment for the children.
We are very thankful to all at The Buchan Nursery for providing such a lovely start to Sebastian's school career.
Joanne Levy, Douglas

"All the staff are kind and helpful. They made my son feel happy and secure. They do a lot of play and studying at the same time which are very important for a well-rounded child."
Catherine, Peel

"We chose the Buchan nursery because we were impressed with the curriculum. Our daughter has enjoyed every session she has attended and we would not hesitate to recommend enrolling your child there."
Fiona Trustrum, Port Erin

"The quality of care is exceptional and the children are given a solid foundation for starting mainstream education."
Kirrie, Colby

"I chose The Buchan Nursery as a lead in to my son attending The Buchan School. It has exceeded my expectations for his development already, staff are friendly and professional and interested in parental input. The day to day activities are wonderfully varied and well geared towards life skill development and confidence building, as well as integrating the children into The Buchan school life. Excellent nursery, highly recomended."
Sarah Kennedy, Douglas

"Thomas has been extremely happy at the Buchan Pre-school and I have seen his confidence grow in his interactions with his peers and with adults. I feel that there is a good balance between fun and learning throughout the school day. His teachers are wonderful and create a warm environment for the children. The managers have also been fantastic in terms of feedback (both giving and receiving it) and the new activities being introduced." 
Robyn Ackron, I.o.M

"Cameron has learnt so much since starting at The Buchan Nursery, Rainbow Room brought on his speech and social skills and Pre-School has been fantastic in terms of crafts, activities, phonics and more - we can't stop Cameron spelling things out, playing "I Spy" and singing his Jolly Phonics songs as he really enjoys learning them."
Fiona Roome, I.o.M

"I am really pleased with the care my son has received and he is very happy there."
Lynn, Ballabeg

"Ella has been very happy at the Buchan Nursery and looks forward to going. Encouragement from the staff have brought her eating habits on tremendously."
Nicky Kennett, I.o.M

"The Buchan Nursery has provided Pre School education for all 3 of my children and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others. All 3 children have loved their time at the Buchan and reflect upon it fondly. It has provided them with a positive experience that has made the start of reception in school a much easier experience."
Bernadette Dunn, I.o.M

"I chose the Buchan because it was most suited to my needs in the South of the Island, plus I was impressed with the set up and the provision of lunch. I have been very happy with the Buchan Nursery, all the staff are great and Isaac loves going."
Nina Corrin, I.o.M

"I wouldnt hesitate to reccomend the buchan nursery, all members of staff are friendly and approachable, the atmosphere is professional but also loving and fun, there is a good choice of activities on offer every day and most importantly my daughter loves going!"
Nicki Gaskell, Castletown

"Have been extremely happy with it and Adam loves it. All the staff have been very good settling Adam in and individual care is given where necessary."
Kim lamb, Port St. Mary

"I have chosen The Buchan Nursery because I live in the south of the Island and it is has one of the best facilities on the Island. It is a great stepping stone for my little girl before she starts Buchan School."
Carly Craig, I.o.M

"We chose The Buchan Nursery as it offers the best facilities for pre-school children in the South of the Island. The staff are warm and welcoming and we were very impressed with the wide range of activities it offered. I knew several other families whose children attend and they had glowing reports. Speaking to parents whose children go to other local nurseries or play schools it is clear that the Buchan offers much more than "the average nursery!""
Alison Coates, I.o.M

"Lunch and snacks provided for. Lovely surroundings and outdoor play area. Very good messy play area that gives Isaac the chance to make a mess & express himself through play."
Zoe Pearson, I.o.M

"Excellent, well run nursery providing a happy and stimulating environment for my son. Caring and capable staff give consistent and empathetic care. My son loves it!"
Paula Harwood, Ballasalla

"The staff at The Buchan Nursery have gone above and beyond to help my little girl settle into nursery. The staff take the time to reassure both children and parents of any worries or concerns. I was very impressed with the attentiveness to detail for example phoning me to make sure beforehand that she could eat birthday cake due to her allergies. I can see that she really enjoys her time there and she loves the activities during the day especially the messy ones! I was really anxious at leaving her in nursery for the first time but the staffs reassurance made the whole transition alot easier for both of us. I can not speak highly enough of all of the staff."
Laura GarciaFierro, I.o.M

"I chose The Buchan Nursery because its friendly, helpful, educational and both my children love it I be never had any issues."
Jo Hewett, Castletown

"The facilities at the Buchan are second-to-none and I hope the staff realise what a great job they do! I love the fact that my child has an opportunity to play outside every day, and can choose between a variety of activities in a spacious environment. The staff are always really friendly and I feel have a genuine interest in my child, which is invaluable to me. It's good that the Buchan Nursery is also affiliated with other nurseries on the island. I am impressed by the desire to want to improve the nursery. I would highly recommend the nursery and am really pleased that my daughter has the opportunity to have such a good grounding for her education and social development."
Georgina Graham, Port St. Mary

"I think you are the only nursery down south that can accomodate working mums. Add this to the excellent care your staff provide I.e. my daughter loves all her teachers, then there is no other southern nursery facility to equal The Buchan Nursery."
Jackie Bowman, I.o.M

"The staff at The Buchan Nursery have always been very supportive and caring and we have always felt very confident leaving our children in their care. The activities they do with the children have been very stimulating for their development and we feel that they have helped to teach them the basics at a very young age."
Zoe and Paul Ellis, Port Erin

"It is an excellent facility with caring and experienced staff who I feel assured have Scarlett's best interests at heart. I feel happy to drop her there in the morniings and feel assured she is content and being offered a safe and stimulating environment to thrive in whilst I'm at work."
Laura Jones, I.o.M

"We feel that Neve has progressed enormously in her time at The Buchan Nursery and developed her skills immensely"
Michael Charmer, I.o.M

"We went to see the Buchan before we enrolled our daughter and saw first hand the positive and friendly inclusive atmosphere. The small class sizes and broad range of activities made the Buchan stand out for us and it was an easy decision to send our daughter there. She really enjoys going and has flourished."
Emma Zybert, Douglas

"We recently moved back from London where Ethan was very happy at a fantastic nursery. With a complete relocation we wanted to make sure Ethan was settled on the island as quickly as possible. From day one he has been very happy and relaxed at The Buchan Nursery. He really enjoys playing with other children and has made some great friendships with children and staff. We really think the provision of a hot healthy meal is vital at lunchtime for children and this is exactly what he gets. The Buchan Nursery matches up well to the high standards set to us by his previous nursery in London. A fantastic nursery with very fun and caring staff."
Watt family, Port St. Mary